New Series: A Celebration of Paint & Texture

As freedom from the pandemic approaches, I am reengaging with the real world through a celebration of paint. Vivid, corpulent, messy, shiny, sculptural paint. It's real, textural, physical - takes us so far away from the flat, antiseptic world of the computers that we all have become accustomed to. I have chosen bright bold colors, sometimes fluorescent, to shake us up out of our pandemic rytthms and catapult us back into the possibilities of joy and play in the material world. 


I am letting the paint guide me. In many ways, this is a study in motion. And more often than not the paint has a mind of its own. Each canvass begins with a similar application of paint, and each new size canvass, brush, color or paint quantity, reveals a new reality, a new joy, a new beauty. 

My obsession with process is clear: I have filmed the act of painting and painted the paintings. New approaches to viewing the pieces, to experiencing them, is part of the joy and playfulness. And it's essential to the exploration: I can set the paint in motion, but I do not control its reaction. Through this push and pull, give and take, the paint and the painter create together. 

Sunsets, Electric and Otherwise
Vertical Paint Sculptures